The Fastest Way to Fail

A lot of people tend to focus on what it needed to succeed. However, it’s helpful for you to know and understand the IM aspects that you will want to avoid, and which lead to lost time, money, and a feeling of giving up the dream of becoming a successful Internet marketer.

These are the things to avoid:

– Buying every product that comes out without understanding if it fits into your business plan and learning method. (Wastes your money and steals your focus.)

– Downloading every free offer that comes into your Inbox. (You’ll never find time to read and apply the information and it just puts your name on more mailing lists from people who want to tempt you to buy more products from them.)

– Registering to a ton of Internet marketers’ mailing lists. (Stay focused. Learn only from the people whose programs you have purchased and don’t buy anything extra.)

– Not taking action. (You can’t finish the race if you never get started.)

– Don’t sit around and wait for customers to just visit your site and buy your products. (Learn how to drive traffic to your offers, network with other like-minded business people, recruit partners, and make friends.)

Above all, be prepared to help others succeed after you’ve become successful.

Also, remember that you’re selling to people who need what you have to sell. Keep them as your number one priority whenever you create a marketing campaign. It’s really not all about the algorithms that a search engine company changes. It’s about giving people what they want and what they need.

We all need to make a start at one point or another. Why not let it be a free place?

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Are you frustrated and struggling to make money online — trying one failed program after another?

It doesn’t take much to realize that people all over the world are flocking online to make some money. Relying on traditional money making activities is often a struggle in order to make ends meet. The internet has now become the place where people are seeking that golden solution to their financial troubles and commitments.

Most people today are burdened by credit card debt, mortgages and auto loans. In addition to this people have to contend with taking care of feeding, educating and taking care of their families’ health needs. Traditional employees are now becoming online entrepreneurs to help them attain financial stability.

With hundreds of thousands of individuals rushing online today, opportunities abound. Many new programs and businesses are starting up in order to get a piece of the action. Programs from MLM, HYIPS, Cash Gifting to Betting programs are attempting to lure that massive surge of people online.

Unfortunately, many people do not get their needs met and ultimately end up losing money. One particular business is rising far above the rest of them and many have changed their lives by becoming one of its members. Ad Click Xpress is setting the standard for reliability, professionalism, compliancy and delivery to all participating members.

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The Science of Manifesting Money Faster

There is a greater science to manifesting money faster. You can easily learn to apply it to your life and begin to see great results immediately. Very few people know or understand these techniques; as a result most people struggle to truly in manifesting more money or the things they truly desire to manifest.

One of the first things you may have done to begin manifesting is to begin an affirmation program or to visualize. While visualization and affirmations are extremely important there still leave most people frustrated. “So what’s missing they ask?”

While you may be repeating affirmation in hopes of manifesting money you are continuing to lock yourself into the same space of lack and poverty that you are trying to escape. You are like the little engine at the bottom of the hill repeating senselessly, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.” But, the little engine has no fuel, no power to push him up the hill.

Nothing happens, no change happens and the money you are hoping to manifest does not come. Manifesting money requires that you expand, that you gain a large quantity of mind, body and spiritual fuel.

There are many ancient techniques that are not shared with the public when it comes to manifesting. At the basis of each technique there is a science, a secret that is not clearly explained. So you continue to try.

Words alone do not manifest. At the foundation of words there is energy. Do you really understand the energy behind the words that you are using? Do you understand that the science of manifesting money requires certain energy?

Manifesting money faster requires that you have an immense thought power that is greater than the energy that you are presently experiencing.

Many people succeed in manifesting something in their life. However the following day they are unable to manifest something else. It confuses them that they were successful with manifesting one thing but not the other.

Somehow if they examined their own state of being when they were successful they will realize a delicious secret. They may realize that were in a more free and expanded state when they were successful. There are many ancient ways of expanding your state of being to fuel money rapidly into your life. It is miraculous in its results if you would remain open minded.

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The TOP All Time Traffic Scams – Traffic Exchange

If you ever wanted to be a hamster on a wheel then feel free to join one of the many traffic exchanges that exist online.

What amazes me is that many people still love traffic exchanges despite the fact that very little of their traffic ever converts into anything of value.

Exchanges look flashy, colorful and it always appears like there is a whole lot going on from a marketing perspective that can benefit you.

I have seen people devoting hours each day “clicking” like mad to earn credits and what is equally ridiculous about this is that on the other side of the computer are equally desperate marketers clicking as fast as they can to do the same.

Many of the top exchanges even have incorporated a social aspect and other related MLM like services to keep you interested and yes, clicking like crazy; OR investing your money to sell your site views to others who are frantically clicking.

The problem is, NOBODY is actually LOOKING at anyone else’s offers and the truth is these services are only great if you OWN the traffic exchange.

While traffic exchanges can and do send traffic to your site(s) most people discredit the psychology behind what makes traffic exchanges tick.

People believe that they are getting good quality traffic and earning visits by clicking and visiting other sites; yet most people are clicking like mad and never STOP look or engage ANY of the ads / sites that are displayed because there is no incentive to do so!

The few marketers that understand this make sure their site IMMEDIATELY GRABS the attention of visitors because you have just a few seconds to say something that will break the “clicking trance” most people are under.

Traffic exchanges work well by taking advantage of newbie’s. They are duped to buying traffic, signing up to lots of offers and eventually they come to the realization that NOBODY CARES about their site(s)!


People will leave as soon as the timer allows them to (clicks are timer driven so you must stay on the current site for at least a few seconds, but the name of the game is to rack up lots of credits, so that is what people do).

If you doubt this give it a try and look at your logs for traffic stats and see how long the typical visitor from a traffic exchange stays on your site.

I guarantee you, 99% of the time; it’s no longer than the timer on the exchange.

Anyone who has been on a traffic exchange for any length of time eventually figures out that this kind of traffic usually does not work to converting buyers, at least not directly. Most marketers use splash or squeeze pages and offer something to try to entice people to opt in to their offer.

Where is the REAL gold? Additional TRAFFIC offers! Think about it. Why are people on the exchange in the first place? They want traffic to their sites. So what is a good way to work the traffic sites? Make a page that promotes the exchanges with your referral ID. Here is a good example of leveraging multiple sites and rankings (cleverly disguised) this has referral ID’s in each of the major traffic exchanges in it.

Since most people in a traffic exchange are curious about other ones, this works well to drive sign ups and eventually make you money and more traffic credits. You can run this page on multiple sites as well and benefit from the people looking for more traffic exchanges:

Bottom Line?

If you love traffic exchanges then find a way to sell traffic, refer other exchanges or just buy your own traffic exchange.

At least you will have a captive audience to market your clicks and other related offers to. This is the real and only reason traffic exchanges exist regardless of the crap you are told.

Don’t be a victim in this game, make sure you get the right knowledge from the start…

The REAL TRUTH About Gurus

Most marketers are lost in the fog of information overload. Because of this, they eventually are lured by a guru claiming to have all the answers to their marketing woes.

The guru also promises you can make a fortune by just following their advice.

Of course that advice comes with a hefty price tag.

So what is the truth? It is a land of smoke and mirrors, a carnival of lies that is directed at you for the sole purpose of taking your MONEY

Don’t kid yourself here. Most gurus want to turn YOU into their affiliate machine, recurring ATM and USE YOU for their traffic regardless of what most promise to teach you.

Some gurus are actually SETTING YOU UP TO FAIL! They know that the MORE you fail, the more you will SPEND out of sheer frustration.

You will be given just enough information to get your interest up and then you will be asked to spend more money on the latest shiny fad the guru has.

Yet the REAL TRUTH is that many of these gurus laugh at you as being too stupid to know any better.

How Do I Know This?

Recently I attended an internet marketing seminar and actually heard some of the biggest names (you would recognize) discuss the best ways to relieve you of your money and return little or no value.

I actually heard someone say this: “Sucker punch them with a new lifestyle, dazzle them with ideas and dreams that you and I know they will never achieve, make them believe in all of this and then go for the juggler and wallet!”

Yes, YOU are being LIED TO by most of the top gurus.

I wanted you to really let this sink in because until you get this you will spend more money than a drunken sailor on leave in a foreign port.

The Same Is True Of Most Of The “Free Traffic Generation” Gurus

The gurus love the traffic niche as it appeals to almost everybody who wants to make a living online. Incidentally, people who do not understand how to generate traffic are usually clueless about marketing strategies.

Newbie’s are the guru’s favorite target . . .

Some of these gurus were well intentioned (at one point) and had great ideas for building traffic but they learned it was just easier to resell crappy traffic, almost worthless programs for making traffic and marketing courses for unsuspecting folks for easy money.

Don’t be a victim in this game, make sure you get the right knowledge from the start…

An Affiliate Network That Pays Instant Commission On Every Product

If you sell digital products online you are no doubt aware of the two most popular affiliate networks, ClickBank and PayDotCom.

While both of these are great and I highly recommend each of them, today I came across a brand new service that really caught my attention. It’s called PaySpree and the reason it caught my attention is that ALL its members get paid for their sales instantly. And they can choose whether to be paid by PayPal, AlertPay or Credit Card.

Even affiliates get paid for their referred sales instantly.

I expect it to become quite a hit as the lure of ‘instant commissions’  played a big part in the massive success of products such as 7DollarSecrets and the RapidActionProfits scripts. And PaySpree offers even more than what you get with those.

I’ve actually come across products for sale that are just lists of affiliate programs that pay instant paypal commission. And I’ve seen many threads in the various internet marketing forums asking about where to find instant commission affiliate programs. Now there is an entire site and marketplace dedicated to them.

As soon as you become a member you can start promoting any product in the marketplace, and you can add your own products so affiliates can promote them for you. All commission payments are handled automatically by PaySpree, it sounds like a winner to me.

I’ve just signed up and had a look around the site and it seems pretty simple and non cluttered, check it out at the link below and let me know what you think:

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